10 Eyeliner Styles For Indian Eyes That Turn Heads

Who doesn’t love to get adored? Everyone does.  So do we. 

We love eyeliners without a doubt. Applying eyeliner will completely transform your eye look. You can easily add drama to your makeup look with a simple flick of eyeliner.

It's also fun to experiment with eyeliners. Isn’t it?

There is something quite unique about the Indian skin tone, face shape, and features due to their large almond-shaped eyes and luscious skin. It may therefore be difficult for you to wear typical makeup styles, particularly eyeliner. 

This is why we've compiled a list of eyeliner styles most appropriate for Indian eyes to help you out.

Iconic Eyeliner Styles For Indian Eyes

  • Cat-eye Style

There is no doubt that the cat eye is one of the most popular eyeliner styles, and it looks great on Indian eyes. Wear it whenever you're going to work during the day or when you need a minimalist makeup look for a party. It requires precision when applying this style since it is pretty delicate.

When it comes to getting a close and fine line along your eyelashes, you should opt for a liquid liner or a pen-style liner.

  • The Classic Winged-Liner Style

There is no doubt that this eyeliner style is most chic for every Indian eye. Bringing this look to life will never go out of style and is the dream eyeliner look everyone wants to achieve. Furthermore, there are many ways to achieve the perfect wings online, so you can search for hacks that work for you. You can achieve this look with a liquid formula so that you appear sophisticated.

  • The Reverse Winged Eyeliner Style

As an alternative to the conventional wing, you can try the unusual reverse wing. You should focus your attention on your lower lashes while doing this. Once you have drawn the wing inward, you are ready to go. Selecting the right formula is very important, so make sure you choose the right one. The look is perfect for cocktail parties and girls' nights out, as well. Definitely a head-turner. 

  • Smokey Eyes Eyeliner Style

A smokey eye is one of the best makeup trends, so if you have not tried it, you need to reconsider your makeup choices. It's only a matter of time before this smudgy, hot look takes you to places. If you wish to make your eyes iconic, apply eye kajal to your lids. Your eye is so attention-grabbing that you can let the rest of your makeup slide when you've nailed it. Whether you're going to a wedding or a party, this is a great eyeliner style to wear. You won't find a better eye makeup look for any special day than this!

  • Sleek Eyeliner Style

Are you a fan of minimal makeup? If so, this eyeliner look must be your favorite. The makeover takes just minutes to complete and gives your face a whole new look. If you want to create this thin liner with flawless results, you should use gel or liquid eyeliner. If necessary, use a white pencil on your waterline to create a thin outline just above your lash line. Alternatively, you can use only an eyelash curler, and you're all set to rock. 

Here’s How To Apply Eyeliner

The perfect winged eye has dominated the world of eyeliner styles and will continue to do so. Although we women still get cold feet just thinking about drawing an even wing across both eyes, probably because we haven't seen a suitable eyeliner makeup tutorial yet.

Let’s know how you can rock one of the most popular eyeliner designs like a boss.
  • Setting a good base before applying blush or highlighter is important, right? Why not for the eyes? Use a primer to remove any discoloration around your eyes and smooth your lids to make products blend smoothly.
  • Now trace the upper lash line with your eyeliner using small and close strokes.
  • However, most of us are unsure of how to flick out the wings. To do this, draw an imaginary line between your brow and your eye. You should have your wing pointing toward your eyebrows.
  • If you're looking for a flattering liner, remember to make it thin from the inner corner and thick from the outer corner. You should have a sharp tip on your wings. If there are any imperfections, clean them up with a moist Q-tip.
  • Last but not least, make sure you have incredible lashes to compliment your killer wings. To add that extra oomph to your eyes, curl your eyelashes and use two generous coats of mascara.

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