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MARS Angled Brush with Spoolie is a dual ended brush. The angled side can be used for multiple uses like eyebrow filling and eyeliner application. The spoolie end is used to brush the eyebrows.

Key Features

  • This combines two functions in one, with an angled brush on one end and a spoolie on the other, making it convenient and versatile for various eyebrow tasks.
  • The angled brush is designed for precise application of eyebrow products like pomades, powders, and gels. Its shape allows for creating sharp, defined lines, and filling in sparse areas with control.
  • The bristles are typically firm yet flexible, providing the right balance for precise application and blending. The angled brush can also be used for applying eyeliner or creating detailed eyeshadow looks, making it a multifunctional tool in your makeup kit.
  • The spoolie is perfect for blending eyebrow products to achieve a natural look. It helps to soften harsh lines and distribute the product evenly.
  • It’s also used for brushing and grooming eyebrows into place, ensuring they look neat and well-defined.
How to Use

Using the Spoolie

Begin by using the spoolie end to brush your eyebrows. Brush the hairs upward and outward to see the natural shape of your brows and to prepare them for product application.

Using the Angled Brush

  • Dip the angled brush into your chosen eyebrow product (powder or gel). Tap off any excess product if using powder to avoid fallout.
  • Using the angled brush, outline the bottom edge of your eyebrows to define the shape. Start at the inner corner and work your way to the tail of the brow. Use light, short strokes for a natural look.
  • After outlining, fill in any sparse areas within the brows using the angled brush. Again, use light, feathery strokes to mimic the look of natural hairs.
  • Use the spoolie end to blend the product through your brows. This will soften any harsh lines and help distribute the product evenly for a natural finish.

Additional Uses

Eyeliner: The angled brush can also be used to apply gel or powder eyeliner. Dip the brush into the eyeliner, tap off any excess, and apply along your lash line for a precise, defined look.

Eyeshadow: Use the angled brush to apply eyeshadow along your lash line or to create a cut crease for detailed eye makeup looks.

Other Information 

MFG. - 06/2023

Made In P.R.C.

Manufactured by:
Zebra Brands Limited, No.5, 17/F, Strand 50, 50 Banham, Strand, Sheung/Wan, Hong Kong

Distributed by: J3J ECOM PRIVATE LIMITED, For information please visit here

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