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Our vision at MARS is to make beaut(y)ful products more affordable so that as many people can afford them and for which we work hard to achieve the quality and affordability by optimising our entire value chain.

These Makeup products of ours are especially crafted to suit Indian women's skin conditions and not to forget that each piece is Researched, Iterated & Designed in India
The beauty of Indian Taste is engraved in each of our products and each of them is one of it's kind.

Choose from our range of minimally designed products available at your doorstep. You will find the perfect pick for everything from Eyeshadow to Blender as we provide various color options across the categories.

Take a bold move & you will surely collect compliments!

We are 100%
Cruelty Free & Vegetarian Brand

"The “MARS Cosmetics” trademark is wholly owned by “Rome India" & Operated by "J3J ECOM PRIVATE LIMITED". Any products marketed or manufactured under the label “MARS” is the property of the same Company and Parent brand “Rome India”.