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Hundreds of questions that we want answers to. How to keep mascara stay, how to apply lipstick to dry lips, how to apply foundation on acne or even how to find the right shade of the foundation, the list goes on and on. That's why we have curated the list of the most common questions and after rigorous efforts from our beauty professionals, Makeup Artist and R&D team we are finally able to answer those.

Note* That the answers to these questions have been made keeping in mind the Indian context.

1. How Do I Keep My Mascara From Smudging Under My Eyes?
Make sure you don't apply anything creamy under eye over makeup and it's mattified under the eye. If a person have watery eyes or oily eye lids, Waterproof formulas are your best friend. It gives Dry to matte finish and only budge when in contact with oils or makeup remover, so they are pretty much guaranteed to stay on the lashes and not smudge.

2. How Do I Apply Lipstick on Dry Lips?
If you've got chappy lips, prepping them is an essential part. Keep a lip mask, lip scrub and lip balm handy to ensure a smooth, hydrated canvas. A scrub can remove all the dead skin cells(chapped lips), a mask can make them plumped and hydrated and a lip balm will help in nourishment and hydration further. This is the best way to prep your lips, and the best when you are planning for a long lasting matte lipstick days. Say goodbye to chapped lips!

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3. How Do I Apply Foundation Over Acne?
Got an Acne prone skin? No problem, you can still enjoy makeup.
Before you apply your foundation, Make sure you apply something which heals an acne, For eg. Acne gel. Follow up with a suitable moisturizer for acne prone skin and consider some color-correcting tricks to help neutralize your blemishes. If you have a pimple or acne that is red, neutralize it with a green color corrector. Use a small, stiff brush or a finger and tap the product directly onto the blemish. Then apply your foundation on top.

4. How Do I Find the Right Shade of Foundation?
First thing first - Learn about your undertones, There are majorly 3 types of undertone – Warm, Cool and Neutral. Select the shade in which your tone lies. You should always test the shade on your neck or jawline or forehead for the most accurate match. The shade which blends the best on the skin is your shade. It should not look too light or too dark when blended and settled, That's how you get perfect shade of foundation suitable to you undertone.

5. How do I stop foundation from slipping off?
Just make sure to wear a PRIMER! Always choose the right type of primer and foundation according to your skin type to prevent slipping or creasing, For eg. Choose a matte finish for oily skin and hydrating finish for dry skin. This is the easiest way to wear foundation so it stays longer. Also a quick tip - Apply a setting spray after blending your foundation and concealer before powdering your face.

6. Why Does Makeup Pill/cakes up? / How to stop makeup from caking up?
Pilling can occur if you’re applying thick layers of products or if you’re trying layer powder formulas over cream or vice versa. To find out what to do if your makeup is pilling, Make sure to go up step wise - Skin prep, Correcting, Foundation, Concealers, powder to mattify and set with a setting spray. Also, Consider taking small amounts of product always and blend properly. Remember, Less is more.

7. How to get the Perfect flawless dewy/glowy base?
Seamless base comes from the right skin prep, Make sure you are hydrated inside out. Always start with drinking a glass of water. Follow up with the best serum/serum mask sheet and a good hydrating moisturizer so that your skin look radiant, glowly and plumpy. Use a foundation as per your skin type and add a fixing spray which will melt your makeup, seep into the skin and gives you nice glowy finish. You can add illuminating primers or strobe creams as an additional step.

8. Does Lip Liner Actually Do Anything?
Lip liner has several uses. It can use as a Lip contour if used in brown shades. If you use it to outline the lips, it can help prevent your lipstick from feathering and define the shape of your lips. If you use it to fill in your lips, it can be worn on its own or to enhance the color of your lipstick and make it stay longer.

9. What is the most quick and effective 5 minutes makeup that can make the most difference?
A little concealer under the eyes is the easiest way to look more awake and bright-eyed follow up with the little blush, mascara and a lipstick and You're good to go.

10. How do I get rid of wrinkles? / How do I cover up wrinkles? 
Makeup enhances the features you already have, It can help conceal the flaws and imperfections, but it's not the answer to every beauty issue. You can not hide your wrinkles with makeup, But right skincare routine can help you make them look better, so make sure to use right moisturizers that contain retinol for anti aging and hyaluronic acid for intense moisture which helps the skin to plump up.

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