We turned "ONE" 🥳
Do you know the feeling when you see someone after a long time and you think to yourself, “Oh, he was just a baby last time”. This is the same feeling that we have right now. “www.marscosmetics.in” turned ONE! It was just a baby, starting off with a single order, just a few products and taking baby steps.
The journey of this one year has been magical, we stumbled, we fell, we got up and we kept going but never did our trust in all of you wavered. A family that was slowly but steadily growing.   
  1. Our Vision- From Dreams to Digital
Our focus has always been the same, to deliver Super Affordable and Super Effective makeup products. We think there's no better way to express ourselves and be accessible to everyone across the country other than digital media. This idea became the inception point of our very own website "www.marscosmetics.in".
  1. Eyes and Ears

A basic website up and running was a start to a new road for us and we were growing along with the website. Starting with just one order and 4-5 products available on the official portal, we knew we were missing something. We always kept our eyes and ears open for feedback and queries from all of you to tell us what we need to improve. From putting the ingredients list on the website, to increasing the range and adding new and exciting products, we were trying not to miss any voice that was coming towards us. 
  1. Chat Support
During this venture of not missing any word from you guys, we started chat support, a way to help you out and connect with you even more. We are listening to everything you are saying and trying to do our best to solve every problem as soon as possible. 
  1. Family of 15000+
Now one big year later, here we are, with a family of 15000+ Martians, supporting us, loving us and improving us every second of every day. When we started, we did not think that the family would grow so fast but we are thankful to all of you for giving us this chance and trusting us. We are forever grateful for those who were patient with us and gave us time to improve and did not let their love for us waiver throughout this year. 
To show our appreciation and gratitude for you all, we have a new column, you can now be featured on our website with your amazing skills and looks!!
  1. Moving Forward
We are not anywhere near to perfection , but then we feel that perfection is just a myth and all we want to do is to strive to deliver you all a better and a more robust experience than ever before. We are nothing without all your love, feedback and support, and we pray that you keep showering us with the same.

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