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4 Tips to Create the Perfect Winged Eyeliner Look.

One of the most adorable yet glamorous beauty trends that is never considered as old fashioned and remains in trend forever.

And “How to apply eyeliner” remains to be the most asked question.
Eyeliner application needs practice, patience, and skills to get it right and on-fleek.
Is it troublesome? Well, sad to say but yes. If you are a beginner, It’ll probably be the most difficult task to pursue in the initial months.

But don’t worry, We’re gonna help you achieve the look without any troubles and make you pro at mastering the perfect eyeliner look. We have curated five easy ways to draw that fine stroke of liner on your eyelid. So grab your eyeliner and nail the look. You can use your liquid, gel, pencil, or pen eyeliners.

1) Start from the Outer Corner
Start drawing a line from the outer edge but the first key is to always learn drawing the straight lines. The more you practice the crisper, straighter and more precise your eyeliner look will be, so practice drawing lines. It usually takes around 10-15 days to set your hands on it. Always practice drawing very precise lines from the outer edge and work your way to the inner corner. Place your fingers on your temples of the eye and pull it gently to make the skin around your eyes little firm. It will make it easier for you to draw a thin line. (Make sure not to pull and stretch out too much). To wing it out, start by making a tiny wing and join the wing with the lash line of your upper lid all the way to the inner corner of your eyes. Always work in small strokes to get it right.

2) Outline and fill.
Do you relate with “thickening your eyeliner until you look like a ghost” situation?
If you feel familiar with this, here’s an easier way to apply an even and perfect liner on your lids. Try this trick, if you have a great handle on drawing straight lines but mess it up because you don’t know how much thicker you should or  want to go with your liner, Take your liquid eyeliner or pen eyeliner and mark the point on the centre of your lid till the place where you want your liner to end, Draw eyeliner joining that point to the edges of your lid. Now all you have to do is fill up the gap like you did in painting books as a child

3) Play join the dots.
Precise eyeliner look can be quite difficult if you’re not good at drawing straight lines, but don’t worry, We have a simple hack to help you for this concern. Remember playing “join the dots” game in your childhood? We’re going to do exactly the same thing. Take an eyeliner, be it liquid, gel, pencil or pen, and mark three to four small dots along your upper lash line. Draw very thin dots as a guide till the place where you want to end that sharp winged stroke. Once you draw the dots, Start connecting them across the lid, It will create an outline, Fill it with an intense eyeliner and complete the look. 

4. Take help from a tool.
Do you also love that cat eye look but really bad at creating one? :P 
There are so many hacks that you can try to get perfect eyeliner in one try.
You can use tweezers, bobby pin or scotch tape to achieve the perfect eyeliner look effortlessly. Apply a little eyeliner on the open ends of tweezers or bobby pins and place it on the outer edges of your eye to trace the wing. Fill in and join it along the lash line. Or, place a piece of scotch tape on the outer corner of your eyes. Make sure it is slant and join with your lower lash line. Draw the wing using it as a stencil and work it towards the inner corners, lining your lids like a pro.
Tip : Make sure you place a scotch tape over the hands before putting it on your face to avoid stretchiness while removing.

Pro Tips :-
1) For a beginner, to achieve the perfect stroke the first time, use pen eyeliner,
That is always easier to work with than a gel or liquid liner. Working with a gel or liquid liner needs skills and precision which you get only after practice.
2) To fix your ruined eyeliner, Take some makeup remover/micellar water on cotton swab and gently glide and clean, You may require re-application at the area or can be shaped while removing from the swab (depends on the situation).
3) Prep your lid with compact powder for everyday eyeliner application and use a waterproof and smudge-proof liner for long stay.

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