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How to Build Your Makeup Collection.

Do you also get confused because of plenty of products striking over the internet and do not understand what’s essential and what’s not?

We have curated a guide for beginners as well as for the women who are getting married soon and need to build a bridal kit. From basics to multi-use products, we have curated it all. Here is what all you need.

We have divided it into 3 categories: Face, Eyes and Lips. 

Face-Base Products

1) Face Primer
The First and most important step after CTMP is the Primer which makes the skin smooth and increases the longevity of your makeup. Choose your primers depending on your skin type and concerns, whether it requires mattifying, hydrating or brightening primers.

2) Color-correctors   
If you have dark circles, hyperpigmentation, redness, paleness, you should have one corrector palette in your kit which will fix the concerns mentioned above. Palettes are easy to access and are compact because you have several shades available at one place and you don’t have to carry separate correctors which leads to consumption of more space. Blemishes and dark spots can still be visible even after applying the highest-coverage foundations, so make sure to mix peach, yellow or orange corrector and create a shade similar to your tone and conceal them before foundation application.
*If you have only specific concern, For e.g. : Dark circles and hyperpigmentation, You should have a yellow and red corrector separately in your vanity to mix and use.

3) Foundation
Foundations are available in a variety of formulas. Finding the right foundation should be based on your skin tone, type and concerns. Choose as per your skin’s requirement. Whether it should be Matte, Hydrating, Dewy, Sheer coverage, Full coverage or in a cream form, it all depends on your need and want. Also if you're not a foundation person and prefer really lightweight base, then you can invest in a BB cream. It will give you an even toned skin and a brightened up look.

4) Face Concealer or Under-Eye Concealer
Select a multi-use concealer which can be used to highlight the undereyes as well as the highest points of the face. When you’re looking to conceal under eye bags, puffiness or dark circles, reach for a concealer up to one-two shades lighter than your skin tone to brighten up your eye area. Some under-eye formulas are also formulated with extra brightening powers.

5) Blush
A touch of color makes you look alive and pretty and pops up those beautiful cheeks.
Depending on your preference, you can have a single blush or blush palette with various colours, be it corals, pinks, mauves. A palette is your best bet when it comes to blush because then you have options.

6) Highlighter
If you choose to shine and glow, highlighter is the product to go for. It enhances your bone structure, provides that goddess glow. Add on some highlighter on the high points of your face: the tops of cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, along the brow bones and on your cupid’s bow.

7) Contour

Everyone wants a chiselled, sculpted and defined look which can be achieved by contouring. A very little of contour goes a long way, so make sure to use a light hand.
Take a contouring product, and work from the inside of your face outward, along the hollows of the cheeks, the jawline, nose and the forehead. Buff away the harsh lines using circular motions with a blending brush or dab with sponge. Pick a slightly warmer shade to use it multi-way, for contouring as well as bronzing.

8) Loose Powder
If your makeup slips off easily or if you have an oily skin, Loose powder is a must in your vanity, Get a setting + Baking powder for multi-use. Apply with brush or sponge. It works great both ways. Loose powder can make your makeup long lasting, helps to keep it in place, controls sweat and doesn’t let the foundation and concealer slip/cake up/crease.

9) Setting Spray
To ensure your flawless base stays intact for a long duration, don’t forget to apply a setting spray after completing your makeup. You can even apply it in starting and after applying your base products to increase the longevity of makeup. It also helps to get rid of the powderiness and ensures that your makeup doesn't look cakey. 


1) Eyeshadow Primer

Just like foundation needs a smooth canvas from primer, the same applies for eyeshadow. By using an eyeshadow primer, you’re creating an even base for pigment, while also extending its staying power. Alternatively, you can skip an eye primer and use a concealer for the same purpose.

2) Liquid Eyeliner

If you want to create more dramatic winged look, like a precise cat-eye, opt for a liquid liner, as the inky formula will give you perfect wings. Be it Liquid Pen or the container with brush.

3) Kajal/ Kohl Pencil

It works multi-way, as a kajal on the waterline and as an eyeliner on the upper lash line. For beginners, this is the perfect product to create eyeliner with because it is very easy to mess up with a liquid eyeliner. A beginner can start their eyeliner application practice with kajal or pencil gel eyeliners first. Also, it is perfect for smudged eyeliner look.

4) Eye Shadow Palette
Get an eyeshadow palette with a mix of neutral shades including brown mattes, champagne, and gold shimmers. You can rock from basic to glam look just in minutes with such palettes. It comes very handy for glam looks to Soft eye looks to Smokey eyes. You can get it all from one palette. 

5) Mascara
It's always great to have a mascara that makes your lashes look thick and full, Lengthy and voluminous. Make sure to get a mascara which separates your lashes well and curls them up. It’s a Must have!!!

6) Brow Pencil/Powder.
As a beginner, Brow Powder or pencil is enough to work with.
Brows help your entire look to come together, so having a brow product is a must for a groomed look.

1) Lip Balm
No matter what type of lips you have, be it dry, normal or extreme chappy.
Having a lip balm is must because we all are unaware how it’s going to behave tomorrow. Look for a formula with vitamin E, shea butter and cocoa butter, which helps to hydrate and protect lips throughout the day.

2) Lip Liner
Lip liner is essential to give your lips a definition, shape and for preventing lipstick from fading, Applying lip liner makes your lipstick last longer. Get the matching shades like your lipstick.

3) Matte Lipstick
Have at least one matte lipstick (be it liquid or bullet) for the days you want to glam up and want fuller and pouter lips.

4) Cream or Satin Lipstick
Have at least one satin or cream lipstick  as it won’t dry out the lips and feels very comfortable for everyday basis. It has elements which moisturize and nourish the lips.

5) Lip Gloss
If you think you can rock those glossy lips, You can also add on a lip product with a glossy finish, creating a plumping illusion. It gives your lips more definition. It may require frequent touch-ups and it looks perfect with those Smokey glam look.

Last but not the least : Keep at least one Beauty blender and Basic set of brushes which are multi-tasking.

So these were the few products we think are must for beginners.
Comment down below and Let us know, if you think there are some more.
We’d love to hear from you!


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