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How to pick the perfect lipstick?

Do you always struggle getting right lipstick for yourself?
No more worries, We are here to help you to get the perfect lipstick with the perfect shade suitable for your lips and undertones.

Perceiving your perfect lipstick is like finding the love of your life, which doesn’t occur very easily. :P
Once you figure out the best which suits you in all the right ways, There’s no turning back.
With so many different types of lip formulas and finishes, looking for ‘the one’ has been the trickiest thing ever. We are spoilt for choices now a days, until we’re looking to settle down.

To help you find your happily ever after, here’s our guide on how to pick the best lipstick.

Step one : Understand your lip texture.
The skin and lips can behave as a separate entity. Just because you’re of a certain skin type, doesn’t mean that the skin on your lips also are of the same type too. You could have oily skin, still have Extreme dry lips. Or, You could have dry skin, but normal lips. So, figuring out and understand the nature of the skin on your lips helps to determine the kind of lipstick formulation you should opt for.

Step two : Choose the best formula for yourself.
Always choose the formulation you’re comfortable with because comfort is very important to wear any lipstick all day long. Here for example, Using an ultra matte lipstick on already dry lips can be very uncomfortable to carry.

There are several types of formulas available in the market.
From shiny satins to lip creams to different types of mattes altogether.
You just need to pick the one which suits you the best.
To figure out the suitable formulation, Check out our whole different guide to know about  Types of Lip formulations.

Step three : Understand your undertones to pick the best shade suitable for you.

Cool undertones
Blue and Purple hues!
Go for lip colours with blue or purple undertones. 
Cool colours and silvers are with you always.
Warm undertones
Red and orange hues!
Reds and oranges pop beautifully on warm undertones - bold,
coppers and golds are your best bet.
Neutral undertones
A wide variety of shades works!
It's a free-for-all—anything from light nudes to deep wines will look good.

To identify your undertones, check out our guide on How to identify your undertone. 

It's a myth that warm undertones can't wear nude shades, that's not the case. Hues plays an important role, Consider buying Nude shades with red or orange hues to it and keep in mind about the lightness or darkness of the shade according to your skin tone. So that it doesn't look washed out. 

Disclaimer : This guide is just to clarify your thoughts and help you to pick the best lipstick when you're confused. However, You should choose a lip color you feel the best and confidence in, Even if it doesn’t correspond with the rules.
You go gurlll!!

We hope this helped you to find out your perfect lipstick. 
Please comment down below if we missed on anything,
We'd love to hear from you!

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