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Types of Lipstick formula!

There are many types of lipsticks and they can be used according to your mood or maybe the mood of your lips. :P
Today markets have a variety of products with many effects and characteristics.
Every girl out there has a favourite lip shade, whether it is a bare nude or the glamorously high red. But the market is filled with choices, and it can be a trouble when it comes to selecting the right lip shade for yourself,
But That's just not enough!!! It isn’t just about the colour, The texture and the formulation plays an important role too.
Also, does it leave an after stain?  How long does it stay? Will I be comfortable with the formulation?

To help you answers all these questions, we list down the types of lipstick formulation you must consider before buying the perfect one for yourself.

However, ensure your lips are properly exfoliated with a lip scrub so that you don’t have crusty flakes on your lips after applying the lipstick.1. Satin and Sheer lipsticks.
Satin and sheer lipsticks are the perfect thing to exist for extreme dry lips. These lipsticks also moisturize and nourish the lips and make them look very soft and nourished. It is one of the classic variants and is perfect for everyday wear. These lipsticks have high oil component, they may appear darker in the package than they are on lips (especially the sheer ones).The only drawback with this type of lipsticks is that it needs to be reapplied many times a day for touch-ups. You can choose between comfort or stay :P 

They are enriched with moisturising agents like jojoba, shea butter etc that do not dry out the lips and keep them nourished. It may have to be re-applied frequently as satin finish lipstick fades sooner. These are great for those with extreme chapped lips.
2. Creamy lipsticks
Somewhere between satin and matte lies the creamy lipstick, which is commonly known as creamy-matte lipstick nowadays. If you have dry chappy lips and don't want to wear satin lipsticks with sheen, moisturizing/Creamy lipstick can be your best friend, it keeps the lip soft, smooth, hydrated, and provides you with nourishment all day long. Lipstick with cream formula is not much shiny, but has smooth effect on lips. These lipsticks glide onto your lips like a butter as it contains more wax to protect lips. These lipsticks moisturize lips because of ingredients like vitamin E, glycerine etc. and have more coverage than the sheer or satin lipsticks. It's very comfortable to wear this formula specifically on small lips. It provides a perfect finish without making it look made up. 

3. Matte lipstick
Matte lipsticks are the perfect choice for women who are looking for Long-lasting stay with variety of shades available. These lipsticks provide flat-not shiny lips. These work great for those who have dark and pigmented lips. Your lips can look like a smooth canvas with matte lipstick. These are perfect for those who wear makeup for long hours. It makes the lip look fuller and pouty. This formula comes in bullet as well as liquid form. They are transfer-proof, Smudge-proof and waterproof mostly, can only break when in contact with oil. Since they are drying in nature, it is suggested to prep your lips first by applying a thick layer of lip balm so that it does not dry out your lips. If you have very dry lips and want to wear matte lipsticks, you can always opt for velvet matte textures. It's velvety at first which nourishes the lips and settles into matte few moments later so it's not too drying onto the lips.

4. Pearl and Frosted lipstick
Pearl and frosted lipstick reflects light and makes very shiny effect on your lips but they are not nourishing, Frosted lipstick makes lips spark. Negative effects are that can cause lips feel heavy, crack and dry. It is recommended to moisturize your lips before using this lipsticks.

5. Gloss Lipstick
Glosses are very popular for women with thin and small lips because they make lips shine and enhance the dimension of Lips. Gloss can be combined with traditional lipstick. This will provide you a shiny pout. They are super thin liquidy and super tacky in texture (depends on brand to brand) and work great if you want to give the illusion of fuller lips. The luminosity of these lipsticks is higher than all the other variants, and they are deeply hydrating. However, They don't stay longer for obvious reasons and you may have to frequently go for a touch-up.

6. Lip stain and tints.
Lip stain and tints are fuss-free and long-wearing which last all day. This low-maintenance lip product is best for days when you are super busy or perhaps super lazy. :P
In fact, it is a Multi-purpose product that can be used as a blush too, if you are a fan of the no-makeup makeup look, lip stains work best because they are not highly pigmented and provide you natural look.

So these were few very common lip formulations, Choose as per your mood and rock your everyday look :D

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